dig out your fancy pants…

28 02 2008

Given the irish summer and the joys of outdoor music festivals we’ve all learned to embrace our inner wilderness survivor and are all quite adept at living out of a tent for a few nights, happy with roughing it in the name of a good time.  Occasional showers, sleeping bags, sleeping in all your clothes, trying not to visit the loo in the dark…never have inflatable mattresses, gazebo’s and disposable bbq’s seemed so glamorous.  Now although we can rough it with the best of them (but possibly with more showers), and outdoor glamour notwithstanding, sometimes it’s nice to actually get all fancy on occasion, and not just for other people’s weddings. 

This May bank holiday weekend Fancy Pants Castle Party wants you to embrace your inner fancy-ness, in aid of a good time and 2 great charities (testicular and cervical cancer).  We’ve lined up an amazing 370 year old castle set on bazillions of acres of land (500 acres, apparently this is a very big deal) in Sligo.  It’s just a 2 and a half hour drive from Dublin, and seats just 150 people for a full on four-course meal in their beautiful dining room.  We get to take over the castle for the night, and for those of you that are really keen to live the castle life there are up to 30 bedrooms available to stay in. The bar only closes for 45mins (to restock) round 2am and otherwise is open all night. That’s right, I said all night.  The castle has a restored (and haunted) chapel, a gothic (always open) bar, a terribly fancy dining room and a deadly party room where we’ve lined up a stellar live act and DJ Donal Dineen to provide only the most kick-ass tunes for your fancy dancing pleasure.

There’s loads more info on this site- with how to get there, where else in Sligo you can stay, how to buy tickets, the details of the charities and loads more.  Like the fact that the ladies is haunted too, and one of the bedrooms (and we know which one) and the story of the Johnny Cash room…

What’s included: a drink on arrival, a slap-up 4-course meal with wine, a great live act, and many many hours of DJ goodness from Mr. Dineen.  If you cannot have a fun time you cannot have a pulse. 

We want people like you at this thing so please forward this to all the party loving folks you know. Dress code is fancy.  Not black tie, this is no ball, but it is an excuse to pull out the good threads, make a bit of an effort and impress the ladies/gents.  Sat 3rd May 2008, Markree castle, Sligo.




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